The Connector Is Almost Ready!

Our Transform project is moving along swiftly, and this December, we’ll be excited to unveil the progress that has been made on the new Connector, east of the Sanctuary (exterior work in progress picture above).

The Connector (interior work in progress picture above) will help usher kids and families from our recently updated Alexander building into the heart of worship in our Sanctuary. This space is more than just a hallway—it contains an area to gather, restrooms, and our new children’s library. We’re excited to be opening the Connector on December 15!

Update: When the Connector opens on December 15, it will be fully functional. However, certain finishing touches will still be in progress, such as parts of the slate roof, and concrete molding.

Progress is being made quickly with the reconstruction of our Hunt building too. After months of work below ground on the foundation and parking garage, visible changes will begin taking place this month. Soon, steel will reach from the ground to the sky as the framework for our new building takes shape. We are eager to open this new space and share it with you in time for Christmas 2020.

After the Connector opens, construction will begin in new areas of our campus. The above map will give you an idea of what areas will be closed for the season, including the space behind the Sanctuary. While the blocked off areas are substantial, the ministry of transforming lives will continue as usual here at Highland Park Pres during construction.

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