January 2020 Construction

As we begin the new year we are also beginning a new phase of construction as part of our Transform project. With the new Connector between the Sanctuary and Alexander buildings fully opened, it’s time to begin projects on our campus that will help update our Sanctuary building.

During the month of January, work will be taking place on the walkway in front of the Sanctuary. Beginning on Monday, January 13, 2020, the main entrance will be closed, but thanks to our new Connector building, easy access to worship can still be found (see map above for paths to the Sanctuary). Work in this area is expected to last 3–4 weeks, with normal access to the Sanctuary being restored in the first week of February or earlier.

By entering on McFarlin Blvd. you can walk due north through the courtyard and turn west to enter the transept of the Sanctuary. Alternatively, you can use the Connector to enter the East end of the Sanctuary Narthex. To get to the Connector, you can enter from the Circle Drive on Park Street and walk through the Alexander building, or take the sidewalk that connects from the new Parking Assistance stand on university blvd. South into the Alexander building.

The Sanctuary renovations will begin earlier, on January 5, and last through the Spring. The Sanctuary will be open on Sundays for worship, but closed during the week. Work taking place includes replacing the decades-old HVAC system underneath the Sanctuary. Because of this you can expect to see temporary air ducts which will be used to bring air and heat into the Sanctuary.

The area behind the Sanctuary, known as the Sanctuary building, will begin renovation at the start of January as well. From January until just before the start of Summer, this portion of the building will be closed. During this time, Wynne Chapel will only be accessible by entering the outside doors on McFarlin Blvd., as the entrances from the inner hallways will be closed.

In many ways, this phase of construction will require the most flexibility from the Highland Park Pres Church family. However, we know that these updates will help us fulfil our church’s vision, in the same way that the updated Alexander Building and Connector are already aiding in our ministry. We’re looking forward to sharing our new spaces with you and with generations of Christ-followers to come.

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