A Message to Transform Supporters

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Dear Highland Park Pres Transform Partners,

We want to thank you for your amazing generosity and give you an update on the Transform building project at Highland Park Pres. Like us, you may have asked questions like this:

Is construction continuing during the pandemic? Yes, construction continues to progress, and the project is on track. Completion is still scheduled for this December. Rogers-O’Brien, our general contractor, has been diligent in instituting safety practices to protect everyone working on site.

What’s the status of current projects? The Alexander building north wing and connector from the Sanctuary to the Alexander Building are complete. The Hunt Building is progressing rapidly (see We are currently installing a required sprinkler and fire suppression system inside the sanctuary, which will be completed in July. Early school closures allowed us to begin work on the southern wing of the Alexander Building, which will be finished in August. Several other projects have commenced, including the construction of the new gym, the renovation of the Bell Center, and upgrading the existing playgrounds.

How are Transform finances impacted by the pandemic? We are so thankful to have already received over $65 million in gifts. In order to help us finish this project with a strong foundation, here’s what we would ask: if you are able to complete your commitment by the end of the Transform pledge period, February, 2021, please prayerfully consider doing so. If, given the economic uncertainty, you need to extend your commitment timeline, please let us know, by contacting the finance office at 214-525-4268. This will allow us to make the necessary adjustments.

If anything, these shelter-in-place days have helped sharpen and clarify our vision, and the purpose for our church buildings. They were never meant to be a destination of comfort and security, but a vital base for training mature disciples and then launching them out to be part of God’s rescue mission in the world. And we believe people will be hungrier than ever to gather in spaces that foster genuine, life-changing community.

Thank you again for your partnership and generosity. Please keep praying for our family of churches and our leadership as we seek to spread the hope of Jesus to those within our church and beyond.

Bryan Dunagan, Senior Pastor
Art Harding, Elder, Transform Moderator

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