Transform Update – February 17

Construction is entering a new phase as part of our ongoing Transform project. One of the most exciting changes coming to our campus is a new connector between our Sanctuary and Kid’s areas, which will create a stronger tie between the next generation and worship, as well as greatly enhance the flow of our campus.

As work on this feature begins you will soon see a new construction fence being erected on the east side of our campus. The connector is scheduled for completion in mid-August of 2019 and the fence will come down at that time. Please read the below map to learn how to get around our campus during construction, and stay up-to-date by reading the latest news at


Posted by Zack House at Monday, February 11, 2019

Information Desk is Moving

As part of the Transform process, our main information and welcome desk will be moving to a new location on Wednesday, Feb. 13. Look for it in the office located behind the Sanctuary.

Posted by Zack House at Monday, February 11, 2019

Transform Update – Jan. 2019

Thank you for your generous support of Transform, our initiative to make sure that the Highland Park Presbyterian Church campus is prepared for our next 100 years of ministry. 

The project’s physical construction work started in September with utility (water, sewer, electrical, communications) infrastructure relocation and installation to prepare for the Hunt Building demolition as well as support for the new building and renovation work to occur over the next 3 years. There were considerable rain delays during this period, but the demolition of the Hunt Building was completed on December 31, 2018. Debris and excavation work in the area will continue for the next 60-90 days. Watch the time-lapse camera that is capturing all of these changes online at

The construction site has been fully secured with fencing and we ask all persons to avoid entering the secured area for your own safety. The Front Desk’s location, currently in the Bell Center, will change in the future as construction progresses across our campus. See where everything is located at We ask that all visitors check in at the Front Desk first so that we may direct you around construction and to your destination on campus. 

Many of our staff members have relocated to new locations, both on and off campus. We appreciate all of their help during these transitions. Artwork and furnishings were inventoried in detail and items that were not retained for ongoing use or stored were donated to local ministries.

Our financial budgets and actual spending to date continues to hold to plan. We will be committing a considerable portion of our budget on the new Hunt Building in Q1 as we obtain firm bids from our general contractor Rogers-O’Brien, and their suppliers. The Hunt Building project will be our primary work area over the next six months. The Children’s Addition will start closer to Summer 2019 with the major renovations of the Alexander Building occurring during the summer months when Highland Park Presbyterian Day School and Hillier School are on summer break.

One very exciting change to the overall Transform project is the addition of a new gymnasium to be located in the interior playground in the Children's wing. This will eliminate the sport court 1/2 gym initially planned for part of the 3rd floor of the Hunt Building. The Session approved this project in the fall and while it adds new costs to our total project, we have secured funding for most all estimated costs.

Along with Rogers-O’Brien, mentioned above, we acknowledge the outstanding work and professionalism of our key team including Echelon Leadership, as owner's representatives, and Omniplan Architects, our architects and engineers, for their commitment to this project. We thank all of you for your support and encouragement. We are also grateful for the support from our neighborhood families who have and will continue to be impacted by the Transform project. 

With warm regards,

Art Harding, Campus Vision Team Moderator 

Posted by Zack House at Thursday, January 10, 2019

Construction Camera is Live

Tune in to our live camera at any time to see the progress being made to our campus as part of Transform. See it at

Hunt Building is Closed

On Wednesday, Nov. 21 the Hunt Building will permanently close in preparation for construction. Our main weekday entrance is on McFarlin Blvd. During your visits to Highland Park Presbyterian Church, you can also use one of the other available entrances as indicated on our Maps page.

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