What is Transform, and how long will it take

Transform is a campaign to ensure that our physical campus can support the next 100 years of ministry at HP Pres. The scope of the estimated 24-30 month construction project includes substantial renovation of existing buildings, as well as the addition of new spaces, most significantly a reconstructed Hunt Building (Hunt 2.0) with two levels of underground parking for approximately 150 cars.

Can I read the Transform brochure online?

You can read the Transform brochure online here.

What does the Commitment Card look like?

You can preview a copy of the Commitment Card that we will be using on Sunday, February 25, by clicking here.

How can I stay up-to-date on Transform?

You can always read the latest news about Transform on our news page, transform.hppres.org/news.

What is the impact of Transform on the mission and vision of the church?

We are called to lead all generations to become transformed followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our church family, our city, and beyond. Our buildings were created to be a base camp and training ground for launching people out as God’s rescue mission in the world. Updating our campus will create a more vibrant, welcoming environment that enables us to better equip people of every generation to transform lives in their families, the city, in communities, and across the world. As a result, the physical transformation of our campus as part of Transform is absolutely critical to fulfilling our mission and the goals outlined in our vision.

Why are we transforming our campus now?

Recent, strong growth in our church has accelerated the need to modernize our physical space and eliminate current barriers to ministry, as well as to ensure that the campus can support our next century of ministry. In addition, several building systems are reaching the end of their expected lifespan. Acting now enables us to accomplish these goals and better support our mission of helping people of every generation find and follow Jesus.

How much will transforming the campus cost?

The current estimate for the Transform initiative is in the range of $73 million. This number may change slightly as architectural plans are finalized, construction costs are determined with more accuracy, and the project moves through the city zoning process.

As this process has unfolded, we have sought the early support of some of our families. A number of these families have already made generous commitments to the Transform campaign, and we are very encouraged by their responses. But this is a campaign that will require the support of all of us who call Highland Park Pres home. We believe that with everyone in our church family participating in a sacrificial way, we will be able to achieve our fundraising goal.

Have the architectural plans been finalized?

The Transform initiative requires further refinement before architectural plans are finalized. Presented in this guide is the campus master plan, which represents broad goals set forth by our congregation, elders, and Campus Vision team. 

What is being built/updated during Transform?

The Transform initiative features major additions and updates to most of our campus, the most prominent of which will be a completely reconstructed Hunt Building with two levels of underground parking, all new structures and major renovations to the Alexander Building (our Next Generation ministry areas), and additional renovations intended to improve substantially the flow and use of our entire campus. Current plans call for the addition of approximately 68,200-square-feet of new above ground space, and an additional 70,000 square feet for two levels of underground parking. Approximately 70,000 square feet of the remaining facilities (including all of the Alexander Building) will receive some sort of renovation or update.

Why locate underground parking below Hunt 2.0?

After careful study and consideration, multiple architects, consultants, and our planning committee determined that placing underground parking below a rebuilt Hunt Building resolves the greatest number of challenges, provides the most benefits, and does so in the only financially prudent and feasible location. Other proposed locations were determined to be untenable for a myriad of reasons, from cost, to complex utility and zoning issues, to neighborhood impact. Underground parking below the Hunt Building enables us to keep construction within our existing campus footprint. The planning committee also wanted to ensure that our investment would focus on facilities that truly transform the church and its ability to create followers of Jesus Christ for the next 100 years, and not on a cost-prohibitive, stand-alone parking structure. Finally, underground parking below the Hunt Building enables us to retain all the value and future flexibility in our west block between Shannon Lane and Westwick Road. 

How will Transform improve our worship services?

All of our worship services will benefit from the enhanced flow on campus, new common gathering spaces, and improved accessibility. The most transformational element of the plan is a completely new and purpose-built space for our contemporary worship service and other community gatherings, which are currently housed in Elliott Hall. The worship hall will be rotated 90° to allow direct access from the new welcome center and glass-walled atrium along the Rhodus Garden, while improving the seating arrangement and capacity. In addition, modern acoustics, lighting, staging, and sound will have a profound impact on our contemporary worship service. The Sanctuary, which was significantly refurbished in 2009 and recently received new audio and video equipment, will receive lighting updates.

How will Transform improve our recreation facilities?

We will replace outdated or poorly performing equipment in the outdoor playground and Schoellkopf Children’s Garden courtyard and complete other renovations that encourage families to use the facilities year round, thus creating additional opportunities for ministry and outreach.

A new multi-purpose gym is planned for the rebuilt Hunt Building. Modern design and construction techniques will provide this space with flexibility and usage capabilities currently unavailable in the existing gym. As designed, this space will be approximately the size of a full size junior high basketball court.

How will Transform improve our libraries?

Our libraries will be more visible, accessible, and welcoming to encourage more use and create small gathering areas. The updated master plan currently envisions a library and resource center on the second floor of the rebuilt Hunt building, at the heart of our adult discipleship environments. Our Meyercord Children’s Library will also receive a face lift as part of the extensive updates to the Highland Kids Ministry Building.

How will Transform improve the Highland Park Presbyterian Day School and the Hillier School?

Transform calls for classrooms to be updated with a fresh look, including new paint, floors, windows, and furniture. Redesigned spaces will further our mission and provide the best learning environment for our students. Both schools will remain active and open throughout construction. Some classes will be relocated within the church campus for a portion of the school year, but the temporary rooms will still provide the same safe, nurturing environment.

How does the project affect the Columbarium?

The Columbarium will not be modified or relocated as a part of the Transform initiative.

Will construction have an impact on our worship services or ministries?

Construction will take place in phases and will be staggered strategically to minimize the impact on worship services and weekly ministry activities. We may have to temporarily relocate and reschedule some events and activities during construction, but we are committed to fulfilling our church’s mission throughout the full construction schedule.

How will construction affect our neighborhood?

Details will be finalized as we move closer to construction, but we are committed to minimizing the impact on surrounding areas during construction. The City of University Park is experienced and skilled in shepherding projects like ours and will guide our efforts to substantially mitigate the impact on our neighbors. In addition, Echelon, a construction management firm engaged by HP Pres, will utilize many of the same strategies used to reconstruct HPUMC’s Biggers Building.

How can I make a commitment to Transform?

On Sunday, February 25, our worship services will dedicate a moment to praying for and committing financially to Transform and the impact it will have on our church’s ministry for the next century. In the interim, please pray for God’s guidance on how he wants you to participate in Transform.

How do I determine my contribution?

Your decision to give to the Transform campaign should be the result of a thoughtful, prayerful process to discover how God would have you respond. This is a true legacy project for our church, and our hope is that every person in our church family will fully commit to supporting Transform with a sacrificial commitment above and beyond their ongoing, faithful giving to the ministry of Highland Park Pres. Every gift matters; it is not so much about the amount as it is about partnering in the vision to which God has called us as a flourishing church.

What if I can’t fulfill my commitment?

Unforeseen circumstances may cause you to increase or decrease your giving commitment in the future. At any time you can review or change your commitment by notifying the finance office.

If we raise more than what is needed for Transform, how will those funds be used?

If more funds are raised than are needed for the project, the surplus will be placed into the Capital Asset Replacement Reserve and will be utilized only in connection with the physical facilities of HP Pres or used to establish an endowment to defray the cost of operations and maintenance of the new facilities. 

Who is on the Campus Vision team?

We’re grateful to everyone who has helped make the Transform initiative possible. Special thanks to:

Clay Sell, Moderator
Bryan Dunagan
Art Harding
Doug Hawthorne
Zack House
Lila Marshall
Leslie Melson
Monty Montgomery
Ashley Morriss
Nancy Seay
Mark Story
Steve Van Amburgh

Ellen and John McStay, Honorary Chairs
Laurie and Mark Connell, Chairs

Derek Crowe
Jason Harper
Velpeau Hawes

Dallas Cothrum
Beth D’Arcy

Aaron Farmer
Wes Garwood
Tip Housewright
Mark Holsinger
Meredith Quigley

Rogers-O'Brien Construction

Juliette Coulter
Ross Coulter

Jim Sheppard

Bill Merriman
Jim Powell

How can I share feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! The Campus Vision team can be reached on the contact page.

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