Commitment Sunday - 2/25

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God’s call and our purpose is clear: lead all generations to become transformed followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our city and beyond. We’re grateful for the call to be stewards of our building, this missionary outpost, so that we may welcome in, equip, and send out followers of Jesus.

Will you join us on Sunday, February 25 to make a commitment to Transform Spaces to Transform Lives? While we know it will take each of us working together to reach our financial goal, we also know that committing to Transform is only a part of being a united congregation committed to living passionately into God’s call for the purpose of our church.

“In the Old Testament, we see God’s people sacrificially giving to build or repair God’s tabernacle and temple, and in the New Testament, we see believers joyfully giving to provide for the needs of the growing church. Likewise, HP Pres members through the years provided the funds to build the facilities we currently enjoy. It is a privilege to join this sacred throng and pledge resources for the renovation and addition of spaces for God’s continuing work of transformation in our congregation, city, and world.”

Lila Marshall, Elder,

Campus Vision Team Member

Transform spaces to transform lives

Commit to Transform on Sunday, February 25.

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